How to Read an Astrocartography Map


Did you know your birth chart can actually tell you places to live and travel? ✈️ This is called astrocartography, also known as locational astrology.

Using your unique birth time, date, and location, you can create a custom astrocartography map that tells you which places are best for career, love, spiritual growth, and more. Reading an astrocartography map is sort of like reading a birth chart!

Create a free astrocartography map here:

On your own map, you'll notice various, multi-colored lines falling all over it. Each line is labeled with a planet (Venus, Mars, Saturn, etc) and an angle (AC, IC, DC, MC).

Both the planet and angle tell you what you will experience if you live or visit somewhere along that line.

The ANGLE represents the area of life that will come to the forefront.

The PLANET represents the type of energies and experiences you will feel there, especially in the area of life represented by the angle.

When interpreting a line, take it one piece at a time. Read the planet and angle separately before combining together.

For example, circled above is the Saturn-MC line. Saturn represents challenges and reality checks. You could experience some life lessons along this line. MC represents work and career. Your life lessons may be primarily centered around career.

Keep reading for examples and interpretations!

Interpretations of Angles

Area of life that comes to forefront

AC: Identity, sense of self, appearance, physical body, personal brand, your role in the world.

IC: Family, personal life, emotions, inner world, childhood experiences, home, real estate, things that hit close to home.

DC: Relationships, partners, things we do with other people, things we seek from others.

MC: Work, career, professional goals, achievements, public image, your social status, things that affect us publicly.

Interpretations of Planets

Type of energy & experiences

Sun: Feeling bright and illuminated, feeling more like yourself, shining like the sun, easy to feel confident and express yourself.

Moon: Feeling comfortable and secure, feeling at home, cozy safe space, finding emotional fulfillment.

Mercury: Intellectual stimulation, lots of things to learn and study, connecting with interesting people, receiving and sharing ideas.

Venus: Feeling beautiful and sparkly, finding romance, attracting abundance, artistic muse.

Mars: Feeling motivated and fired up, lots of physical energy, taking action easily, feeling passionate.

Jupiter: Feeling blessed and optimistic, living large, growing easily, making your own luck, finding prosperity.

Saturn: Challenging experiences, reality checks, life lessons, growing into your skin, becoming a leader, self-discipline, self-mastery .

Uranus: Unusual experiences, sudden changes, feeling scattered but liberated, finding freedom, shocking discoveries, tapping into your genius.

Neptune: Feeling divinely inspired, experiencing transcen-dence, spiritual growth, fantasy and confusion.

Pluto: Intense emotional experiences, breakdowns leading to breakthroughs, tremendous up-leveing.

Examples of Lines

Sun-DC: Feeling more like yourself (Sun) in relationships (DC).

Mercury-DC: Connecting with interesting people (Mercury) as romantic partners (DC)

Pluto-MC: Intense emotional experiences (Pluto) in work and career (MC).

Neptune-AC: Feeling transcendent and divinely inspired (Neptune) about your role in the world (AC).

Uranus-IC: Unusual experiences (Uranus) that hit close to home (IC).


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How to Read an Astrocartography Map


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