Business Astrology 101 with Your Sun & Moon

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Whether you own a business or not, the key to showing up powerfully in your work can be found written in the stars ✨

In astrology, the Sun represents your logical and authoritative side while the Moon represents your creative and nurturing side.

☀️ Sun = The CEO and foundation of your business, how your business operates best.
🌙 Moon = The moodmaker, heart, and emotional fingerprint of your business, how you make people feel through your work.

The Sun CEO tells you the long-term vision of your businessand how to structure your offerings while the Moon moodmaker tells you why you do the things you do and the overall purpose and impact you leave on people through your work.

Keep scrolling for interpretations for your Sun and Moon!

☀️ The Sun ☀️

CEO + Business Foundation

The CEO's long-term vision
How the business operates best
How you create offerings


Aries. A creative, fresh, and fiercely independent business that empowers people to find their spark and passion by taking initiative, leading by example, and inventing your own path.

Taurus. A stable, grounded, and materially secure business that supports people in achieving and manifesting their goals through practical know-how, consistent support, and luxurious experiences.

Gemini. A versatile, engaging, and socially active business that shares an important message in a fun and easy-to-understand way, while also being a conduit for social connection so we can build stronger networks.

Cancer. A compassionate, nurturing, and materially secure business that holds space for others in a safe and approachable way so they feel seen and heard on a deeper level.

Leo. A bold, expressive, and passionately heart-led business that encourages people to shine as their true authentic selves by showing up as someone to emulate or aspire to.

Virgo. A practical, purposeful, minimal, and organized but still flexible business that helps people analyze and troubleshoot their problems in a way that brings meaningful improvement and a greater sense of ease.

Libra. A social, cooperative, stylish, and aesthetic business that helps people find greater ease & peace by beautifying any areas of life that are imbalanced, conflicting, or don’t make us feel good.

Scorpio. A strategic, intuitive, and psychologically-minded business that helps people transform and elevate an aspect of their lives through honesty, vulnerability, and smart management of resources (mental, emotional, and even financial resources!)

Sagittarius. An adventurous, inviting, and free-spirited business that helps people see the bigger picture by pushing them out of their comfort zones to experience new cultures, new knowledge, and new ways of being, in a way that’s educational, humorous, and eye-opening.

Capricorn. An organized, thoughtful, and conscientious business that teaches people how to achieve mastery and accomplish their most ambitious goals through practical know-how, step-by-step guidance, and leading by example.

Aquarius. A zany, innovative, forward-thinking, and community-oriented business that’s not afraid to step out of the mainstream in order to spread unconventional thinking that brings meaningful change to the world.

Pisces. A fluid, dreamy, and intuition-led business that encourages people to tap into their imagination, see beyond the physical, and get in touch with their greater purpose, in order to bring about profound healing.


🌙 The Moon 🌙

Overall Message & Purpose, Your Big WHY

Why you do the work you do
How you help people feel
Your emotional fingerprint


Aries. To motivate and empower people to go after what they want and fearlessly create their own path.

Taurus. To help people feel more stable and grounded as they work towards greater pleasure and sustainable success.

Gemini. To help people learn something or receive a message in a fun, engaging, and easy-to-understand way.

Cancer. To nourish the downtrodden and show everyone that they deserve to take up space.

Leo.  To encourage and inspire people to show up more authentically by helping them see their inner starpower.

Virgo. To serve others by removing blocks that prevent them from feeling whole, in-control, and on top of things.

Libra. To share the wisdom that greater beauty and cooperation is a revolutionary act, and kindness can heal the world.

Scorpio. To help people get to the core of what’s holding them back so they can own their power and take back control.

Sagittarius. To spread your wisdom in a joyful and optimistic way that creates a better moral code for humanity.

Capricorn. To show people that no goal is out of reach by helping them unlock greater levels of discipline and mastery.

Aquarius. To give people permission to be weird, different, and march to the beat of their own drum.

Pisces. To spread divine compassion and healing that helps people believe in the magic of the world.


Cho is an astrologer and spiritual mentor who helps diverse clients all around the world step in alignment with their spiritual gifts and higher calling. Follow her on Instagram @astro.forecast for regular updates!


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