Juno through the Houses: The Asteroid of Marriage

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JUNO is the asteroid of marriage & devotion. In mythology, she's known as the wife of Jupiter who stuck with him through thick and thin until the very end.

While many planets speak to love (like Venus and Moon), Juno tells you the qualities you absolutely need in a partner for a successful marriage. Even if everything is going well, the relationship is not likely to work long-term if you don't have this quality. It's the glue that holds you together! Juno also reveals your attitude towards marriage.

To find Juno on your chart:

  • Get a chart from astro-charts.com
  • Go to Settings and under Planets & Asteroids, check the box for Juno

Read on for interpretations for your Juno sign and house!

💘 Juno in the Signs & Houses... 💘


Energetic, enthusiastic, action-oriented, passionate. Athletic and into fitness. Quick, decisive, ambitious. Leader, fighter, adventure buddy. Exploring the unknown. Helps you assert yourself and take risks.



Practical, realistic, down-to-earth. Hard-working and knows how to get things done. Reliable, dependable, patient, loyal, dedicated. In it for the long haul. Helps you feel calm, serene, and grounded. Creative eye.



Curious, inquisitive, open-minded, bubbly, social, effervescent. Knows how to work the crowd. Story teller, teacher, entertainer. Helps you feel informed & educated. Helps you communicate your feelings.



Sensitive, compassionate, nurturing, comforting, kind. Protective & strong-willed. Acknowledges your emotions & makes you feel safe. The feeling of home. They sense your needs before you say it.



Outgoing, exuberant, vivacious, fun-loving. A kid at heart. Leader, performer, entertainer, creator. Warm, encouraging, supportive. Your biggest cheerleader. They help you believe in your true potential.



Practical, realistic, down-to-earth, intellectual, analytical. Hard-working and knows how to get things done. Organized, methodical, put-together. Into health & wellness. You can always depend on them.



Graceful, elegant, romantic, social. Knows how to work the crowd. Objective, impartial, intellectual. Stands up for justice. Creative eye. Helps you feel calm and serene. A true teammate and partner.



Deep, sensitive, empathetic, passionate, intense. Strong presence & innate confidence. Magnetic, compelling, powerful. Sexual attraction. Penetrating gaze. They have many layers. They make you feel seen



Outgoing, adventurous, free-spirited, independent. Intellectual & worldly but also playful and mischievous. Optimistic, cheerful, always sees the glass half-full. Helps you see the bigger picture. Adventure buddy.



Serious, responsible, hard-working, determined, ambitious. Work is fun for them. Boss, CEO, provider. Cautious, patient, sensible, not one to take risks. Helps you feel safe and taken care of.



Unique, different, quirky, unconventional. Not afraid to go against the mainstream. Rebel, revolutionary, reformer. Scientific, technological, cerebral. An air of genius. Encourages you to be your authentic self.



Sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, artistic, selfless. Helps you feel nurtured & healed. Spiritually minded. Daydreamer & visionary. They seem to make miracles happen. You can always depend on them.

1st House

Your ideal partner is someone who is quite similar to you. You may identify with them strongly or even see them as an extension of yourself. Or, they form an integral part of who you are. Your partner may be the center of your life but just watch out for making the relationship your entire identity. You actually need someone who isn't afraid of being independent and giving you room to do the same. There can be incredible shared passion when both people have space to be themselves.


2nd House

Marriage can be a source of security & abundance for you. The right person is someone who is stable, dependable, and a rock for you to lean on. Your attitude towards marriage is intertwined with comfort and security. Together, you may accumulate possessions & wealth or build something of lasting value. Your self-esteem will get a big boost through marriage and your ideal partner will help you see how worthy and deserving you are.


3rd House

Communication is an indispensable part of your marriage and the right person will help you express yourself more confidently and feel heard. They bring out your true voice and you help them do the same. You also need a strong mental connection and someone who truly gets your mind while sharing intellectual interests and stimulating hobbies. You may meet through friends, social networks, or school and education. Having lots of variety & travel will draw you closer together.


4th House

Marriage can be a source of safety & security for you. The right person is someone who instantly feels like home and gets along with your loved ones well. You may have known each other for a long time or met through family connections. They are nurturing, protective, and an emotional safe space for you to seek refuge in. Just watch out for co-dependency. Living together and building a cozy nest is an important part of your bond and your marriage may prioritize family and starting one of your own.


5th House

Marriage can be a source of fun, creativity, and passion for you. The right person is playful, passionate, and knows how to get your engine going and keep the spark alive. Whirlwind romance and falling in love over & over again is key. They may teach you how to express yourself more courageously. Together, you can take the world by storm and even become famous. Children may be an important part of your bond but you'll need to watch out for either partner acting too childish in the relationship.


6th House

The right person is someone who shares compatible daily habits and meshes well in lifestyle. The small, day-to-day matters of life are what's most important in your marriage. They happily express love through practical acts of service such as washing the dishes or taking out the trash. They may bring more structure and organization into your life. Health & wellness can be something that strengthens your bond. You may enjoy working on things together or you may meet through work or co-workers.


7th House

Marriage can be a source of self-growth & integration for you. The right partner is someone who helps you see yourself more clearly and brings certain parts of you into perspective. They may seem opposite in some ways but they provide a balance that makes you feel whole and complete. Equal exchange is an important part of your bond and you'll need someone who is willing to compromise and meet in the middle. Marriage acts as a mirror and you'll learn many life lessons through them.


8th House

Marriage can be a source of deep intimacy, unearthing, and healing — something that transforms both partners. The right person is someone who triggers intense feelings and helps you dig deep within. They have a powerful effect on you, which can feel like a melding of the souls. Sex may be an important part of your bond or there may be infatuations and obsessions. The connection is likely to be karmic with both partners needing to complete cycles through the relationship.


9th House

Marriage can be a source of expansion & discovery for you. The right person is an intellectual match who enjoys having deep philosophical conversations and helps you question your beliefs and expand your mind. You have much to explore and teach one another, and through your journeys, you may discover the meaning of life. Traveling can strengthen your bond or you may marry a foreigner or someone you met abroad. You may also meet in educational settings.


10th House

Marriage can be a source of achievement and status for you. Sometimes, this means marrying someone who puts you in the public eye or who forms a key part of your public image. The right partner is passionate about their career and will enrich yours as well. You may be in business together or meet on the job. Power couple vibes. However, your marriage is inter-twined with career and you may need to work on fostering intimacy at home behind the scenes.


11th House

Friendship and shared goals are a key part of your marriage. Your ideal partner may be someone who was initially a friend or someone you met through friends. Being best friends will keep you together for the long-term. Social causes & activities are an important part of your bond and you may enjoy working in groups and organizations together. Your ideal partner will also share your dream vision for the future and help you feel like the world is becoming a better place.


12th House

Marriage can be a source of transcendence & healing for you. The right person is someone who awakens your imagination and helps you see yourself more clearly. At the same time, it can be harder to see your partner more clearly. There is a tendency to attract people who need a lot of help and there may be a degree of sacrifice involved in your relationships. Karmic cycles are being completed through marriage. Your ideal partner will be full of compassion, tenderness, and caregiving, which may sometimes feel platonic but is nourishing for the soul.


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