Jupiter through the Houses: Your Path of Prosperity

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Get to know Jupiter, the planet of luck & opportunity 💫

Larger-than-life Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, luck, and abundance. To understand why, just look at his size! Not only is Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system, but he’s also the planetary equivalent of Zeus, the king of all gods. Jupiter is the definition of go big or go home. He inspires us to get out of our comfort zone and take exciting leaps of faith that help us grow as a person.

Jupiter’s house on your chart tells you the area of life where you experience joy, luck, and natural success. It’s where things grow easily for you, where things feel easy and you can receive blessings without much effort. However, it's also the area where you are prone to going overboard or being too extra at times.

Your Jupiter house tells you:

  • Where you feel excited, joyful, and optimistic.
  • Where you are blessed and find natural success.
  • Where you experience personal growth.
  • Where you can lack boundaries and be too risky.
  • Where you can overindulge or overdo things.

Your Jupiter sign tells you:

  • The type of energy that makes you excited and brings you the most joy.
  • The energy you must embody to become a better version of yourself.
  • Your path towards self-discovery and self-growth.

Jupiter in the houses...


1st House

Larger-than-life personality. Cheerful, hilarious, generous. Jokester. Attracts luck by being optimistic and just putting yourself out there. You make your own luck. Blessed in health but watch out for overdoing things.

2nd House

Blessed in money, income, finance. You got the Midas touch! Attracts luck by working hard and investing in yourself. Patient and steady growth. Watch out for overspending. Your net worth is proportional to your self-worth.

3rd House

Endlessly curious and inquisitive. Mental sponge. Big picture mindset. Inspirational speaker. Blessed in learning, speaking, and teaching. Attracts luck through your words, ideas, and social networks. Your community is your prosperity.

4th House

Prosperous home and family life. Abundance flows from domestic realms. Family ventures, real estate, property. May have a large or wealthy family. Attracts luck by feeling at home in mind and body. Success comes with age.

5th House

Luck comes from the way you have fun! Hobbies, passions, talents, entertainment. Making money from your passions. Needs a lot of playtime but watch out for irresponsibility. Blessed in dating, romance, love & games, and children.

6th House

Blessed in the workplace as a star employee. Rewarded for helpfulness and hard work. Watch out for overworking. Abundance flows from health, wellness, holistic practices, organization, and mindful living. Finds joy in daily rituals.

7th House

Abundance flows from relationships! Successful marriage, profitable collaborations, and marrying into wealth. May find a partner abroad. Shines as a trusted advisor, mentor, or coach. Blessed in contracts and litigation.

8th House

Abundance flows from adversity and the way you overcome challenges with strength. Blessings through trauma. Psychology, shadow healing, evolution. Potential for great wealth through joint ventures, shared resources, or inheritance.

9th House

Blessed in travel, exploration, and higher learning. Expansive mindset & birds-eye view. Attracts luck by getting out of your comfort zone. Abundance flows from college, philosophy, foreign cultures, publishing, and sharing knowledge.

10th House

Blessed in career with potential for great success and public recognition. Attracts luck by aiming high at work. Positive reputation. Far-reaching influence. Being a role model. Receiving fame through your knowledge and wisdom.

11th House

Blessings comes from your friends, groups, and networks. Popularity, influence, and social prestige. Attracts luck by focusing on community and motivating people to work together. Politician energy. Helps to dream big.

12th House

Abundance flows from your spiritual journey and investing in your healing & evolution. Spiritual wisdom and creative talents. Dream telling and astral traveling. Attracts luck through selfless acts, solitude, and self-reflection.


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