Mars through the Signs

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MARS represents what motivates us and how we take action.

Aries Mars

Naturally driven, likes to take action right away and move quickly. Works best alone or as the leader of a group. Needs a hit of adrenaline or competition to stay motivated.


Taurus Mars

Likes to go slow and take their time. Works best when they don't feel rushed. Needs a detailed plan before proceeding. Great at finding the smartest and most efficient path.


Gemini Mars

Always on the move and likes to stay busy. Needs plenty of mental stimulation. Can't sit still for too long. Works best when multi-tasking, collaborating, or working outside.


Cancer Mars

Likes to move slowly and test the waters before proceeding. Works best when they feel emotionally connected to a project. Motivated by comfortable spaces & familiar things.


Leo Mars

Always strives to be the best they can be. Works best when they focus on one thing at a time and put their whole heart into it. Needs to feel proud of their work and recognized.


Virgo Mars

Works best with a well-crafted plan but also needs plenty of flexibility. Likes to work behind the scenes. Highly methodical and thrives when they feel like an expert


Libra Mars

Motivated by teamwork and thrives in social or group settings. Needs a partner who can help make decisions. Works best when surrounded by beauty and aesthetics.


Scorpio Mars

Naturally driven and likes to set ambitious goals. Works best when they focus on one thing at a time and give it their all. Gets the most done under spurts of intensity.


Sagittarius Mars

Always on the move and likes to stay busy. Passionate about esoteric topics. Works best when multi-tasking or jumping from project to project. Loves to work outside.


Capricorn Mars

Hard work is fun and even therapeutic! Needs to set ambitious goals and plan ahead of time to stay motivated. Works best alone or as the leader of a group project.


Aquarius Mars

Loves to challenge expectations and find new ways to do things, instead of following the “rules.” Motivated by kooky ideas. Works best when they believe in what they're doing.


Pisces Mars

Works best when they flow from project to project based on what inspires them in the moment. Needs plenty of free time to daydream. Motivated by creative & spiritual ideas.


Cho is an astrologer and spiritual mentor who helps diverse clients all around the world step in alignment with their spiritual gifts and higher calling. Follow her on Instagram @astro.forecast for regular updates!


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