Self-Care and Your Moon

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During these unstable times, I’ve been leaning more and more into my Moon to find new ways of coping with uncertainty and stress 🌙 As the ruler of our emotional framework, the Moon can tell us so much about what we need in order to feel happy and secure in life.

The sign of your Moon reveals a core emotional need that subconsciously governs your everyday actions, as well as the types of energies & archetypes that will feel most comfortable and nourishing to you to fulfill those innermost needs.

The house of your Moon tells you the area of life where you experience your emotions most strongly. It’s where you feel things on a gut level and you tend to react instinctively, without thinking. Matters of this house will affect your mood very strongly so you need things to feel right here in order to be truly happy in life.

It's important to acknowledge and honor your Moon's needs, or else your emotions may act out in moments when you feel the most stressed!

Here are some self-care tips to honor your Moon sign and house in a mindful way.

🌙 Moon in the Signs & Houses... 🌙


Emotional need: Taking action immediately

To honor this need, try: Exercising or having a dance party to sweat out the bad vibes. Giving yourself a day with no routine when you can do things on the fly.



Emotional need: Security and stability.

To honor this need, try: Getting cozy and journaling the things that make you feel rich & abundant. Practicing aroma-therapy with essential oils, flowers, or candles.



Emotional need: Socializing and interacting.

To honor this need, try: Meditating with sound using videos of Tibetan singing bowls. Going on walks with a fun podcast.



Emotional need: Safety and security.

To honor this need, try: Grounding into the Earth by standing outside barefoot—imagine you’re a tree with deep and strong roots!



Emotional need: Praise and recognition.

To honor this need, try: Journaling the things you like about yourself the most. Meditating by repeating positive affirmations.



Emotional need: Questioning and analyzing.

To honor this need, try: Releasing unhelpful, repetitive thoughts by writing them down on a piece of paper and burning it.



Emotional need: Being with others

To honor this need, try: Taking yourself on a date filled with your favorite activities. Letting yourself be the boss for a day.



Emotional need: Getting deep and beneath the surface.

To honor this need, try: Journaling about childhood experiences that you remember vividly. Meditating on moments that make you feel invincible.



Emotional need: Exploring and experiencing.

To honor this need, try: Exercising with a new type of workout you’ve never tried before, like Pilates or Tai Chi. Trying a new podcast or online course that really excites you.



Emotional need: Respect and authority.

To honor this need, try: Journaling your most important goals for the future. Meditating on your inner boss that knows you have what it takes to achieve them.



Emotional need: Being different and above it all.

To honor this need, try: Writing down all your random thoughts and ideas, no matter how zany or kooky. Meditating on what you think is coming up in the future.



Emotional need: Being in tune and in touch.

To honor this need, try: Using the shower as a healing practice—imagine negative thoughts and energy washing off your body and swirling down the drain.

1st House

Emotional need: To feel and express your emotions.

To honor this need: Re-watch your favorite movies. Think about how you want to feel and create playlists to inspire you.


2nd House

Emotional need: To feel secure and self-reliant.

To honor this need: Do some spring cleaning and sell things online that you no longer need.


3rd House

Emotional need: To interact and connect with others.

To honor this need: Try posting your first Tik Tok or YouTube video, just for fun!


4th House

Emotional need: To feel safe, secure, and cared for.

To honor this need: Reorganize and redecorate your house. Create a scrapbook with old photos and mementos.


5th House

Emotional need: To express yourself creatively

To honor this need: Paint, sing, dance, write, knit— whatever makes you feel playful and vibrant!


6th House

Emotional need: To keep things organized and structured.

To honor this need: Create a daily schedule and restructure any parts of your day that make you feel stressed. Reorganize around the house.


7th House

Emotional need: To be with others.

To honor this need: Throw an online bash using apps like Houseparty or Marco Polo.


8th House

Emotional need: To understand something deeply.

To honor this need: Learn more about yourself through your birth chart by reading interpretations from the TimePassages app or


9th House

Emotional need: To explore different areas of life.

To honor this need: Start a Pinterest board of places you want to visit. Try a new podcast or online course that really excites you.


10th House

Emotional need: To achieve and be recognized.

To honor this need: Read books to figure out your next steps. One of my favorites: The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter by Meg Jay.


11th House

Emotional need: To be needed by others.

To honor this need: Create a virtual book club with your closest friends. Create a dream board of your biggest hopes and wishes for the future.


12th House

Emotional need: To be in touch with the spiritual.

To honor this need: Learn about the chakras (important energy centers for our mind and body). Research crystals that activate the chakras.


Cho is an astrologer and spiritual mentor who helps diverse clients all around the world step in alignment with their spiritual gifts and higher calling. Follow her on Instagram @astro.forecast for regular updates!


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