The Nodes through the Signs: Your Karma & Destiny

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People don’t know much about the nodes, but they’re very important. It’s actually one of the first things I look at on someone’s chart as a practicing astrologer.

The NORTH NODE indicates your highest evolution and greatest potential — what you’re meant to achieve and who you’re meant to become. It’s your life purpose, your soul mission, and the whole reason why your soul chose to be here at this time!

Think about it this way. Your Sun sign is who you were born as and your North Node sign is who you are meant to become.

No matter what job or career you have, you'll need to work on becoming more and more like your North Node because that’s how your soul will grow and evolve the most. By doing so, you'll be living in alignment with your purpose and life will actually become more meaningful and fun.

But it’s not a straightforward path to get there. Before you can unlock your destiny, you must release certain blockers that are holding you back. That’s where the South Node comes in.

A lot of birth chart websites don’t list your South Node but everyone has one! Your South Node is always in the opposite sign of your North Node.

The SOUTH NODE is your Achilles heel — ingrained habits, attitudes, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

The key to achieving your destiny is to start with the South Node first:

1. Own your blockers: Acknowledge the bad habits of your South Node and reflect on where they show up in your life. Create a plan to work through them.
2. Embody your greater potential: Reflect on how you can change your approach to be more in line with your North Node. Create mantras and affirmations that help you embrace the vibe. Wear colors and gemstones associated with your North Node sign.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t identify with your North Node at all — it’s meant to be a challenge for you to grow into! This is a journey that will take a lifetime but thankfully, astrology gives us the map to get there

Keep reading for interpretations for the Nodes...

The Nodes in the Signs

Aries North Node

Embrace: Warrior, fighter, leader, trailblazer. You’re meant to embrace independence and find the courage to create your own path in life. You must prioritize yourself and inspire others to do the same.

Release (South Node): Being too much of a people pleaser and doormat. Avoiding confrontations or challenges. Giving more than you get in relationships. Being passive aggressive. Not being able to make decisions on your own.


Taurus North Node

Embrace: Builder, craftsman, artist. You’re meant to embrace self-reliance and build a secure and stable foundation for yourself. Find joy in the simple life. You have the power to be a calming and grounding force for other people.

Release (South Node): Being controlling, possessive, obsessive, or manipulative. Wanting to dominate. Not being able to trust people. Ruthlessly cutting ties. Relying on others for money, resources, and comfort. Strategizing to create chaos.


Gemini North Node

Embrace: Communicator, networker, informant. You’re meant to be objective, factual, and nonpartisan. See things from a higher perspective. You must spread truth in a way that’s easy for people to understand.

Release (South Node): Being dogmatic, self-righteous, and stubborn about your ideas and beliefs. Being too blunt and tactless. Overdoing things and being excessive. Running away from your problems. Not paying attention to detail.


Cancer North Node

Embrace: Nurturer, caretaker, healer, protector. You’re meant to embrace your feminine side and focus on expressing your emotions and taking care of others. You have the power to create inspired art and heal people.

Release (South Node): Prioritizing hustle and work over home and family. Seeing emotions and feelings as a sign of weakness. Needing to achieve and succeed in order to feel good about yourself. Being cold, callous, and distant.


Leo North Node

Embrace: Star, performer, celebrity, leader. You’re meant to follow your heart and find the courage to create something new. You must become the best version of yourself and inspire others to follow your shining example.

Release (South Node): Being dogmatic about your ideas and beliefs. "My way or the highway". Being cold, aloof, detached. Acting like you’re above emotions. Being overly eccentric or rebellious. Looking to others for approval. Afraid to shine.


Virgo North Node

Embrace: Expert, problem solver, changemaker. You’re meant to harness your knowledge to fix problems on a grand scale. You must embrace facts, science, and data in order to serve and heal others.

Release (South Node): Being overly sensitive, vulnerable, naive, and easily manipulated. Losing yourself too much to others. Escaping reality through daydreams, food, gaming, etc. Being manipulative. Playing the victim. Pitying yourself.


Libra North Node

Embrace: Partner in crime, peacemaker, diplomat, artist. You’re meant to embrace collaboration and find success through your relationships. You must fight for other people and be a champion of justice.

Release (South Node): Being too independent, self-serving, or arrogant. “My way or the highway” approach. "Winning at all costs" approach. Aggression. Trying to dominate. Being impatient, impulsive, and acting without thinking.


Scorpio North Node

Embrace: Researcher, mystic, shaman. You’re meant to go deep and shine a light on darkness in order to uncover the truth. Embrace transformation and do what makes you feel powerful, so that you can help others do the same.

Release (South Node): Being rigid, stubborn, controlling, and resistant to change. Holding on to things even when it's not good for you. Being afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Being materialistic and basing your worth on what you own.


Sagittarius North Node

Embrace: Explorer, adventurer, scholar, philosopher. You’re meant to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons to find greater meaning in life. Focus on the bigger picture. You have the power to educate and inspire.

Release (South Node): Fixating on details. Being gossipy or argumentative. Twisting words and facts to suit you. Being misleading and deceptive. Acting like a child. Being scattered and indecisive. Overanalyzing and living in worry.


Capricorn North Node

Embrace: Boss, CEO, leader, civic servant. You’re meant to be entrepreneurial and self-sufficient and develop a business acumen that can build an empire. You have the power to be an authority figure and command the Earth.

Release (South Node): Being overly clingy, needy, and scared. Unhealthy codependence with others. Being too attached to the past. Closing yourself off. Sticking to what's comfortable. Moodiness and emotional volatility.


Aquarius North Node

Embrace: Humanitarian, activist, inventor. You’re meant to embrace your quirky, weird side and spread revolutionary and progressive ideas that make the world a better place for all. You have the power to see the future.

Release (South Node): Being self-centered, melodramatic, or over-the-top. Feeling like you’re above people. Being arrogant or entitled. Trying to control everything. Focusing too much on material success and validation from others. Fear of branching out.


Pisces North Node

Embrace: Mystic, healer, artist, spiritual leader. You’re meant to embrace magic by tapping into your intuition and allowing yourself to be guided by the cosmos. You have the power to make miracles happen.

Release (South Node): Being critical, judgmental, nitpicky, and perfectionistic. Micro-managing. Overanalyzing, overthinking, and overworrying. Being too scientific and skeptical and closing yourself off to the greater magic in life. Being harsh.


Cho is an astrologer and spiritual mentor who helps diverse clients all around the world step in alignment with their spiritual gifts and higher calling. Follow her on Instagram @astro.forecast for regular updates!


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