Your Ideal Match According to Venus & Mars

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Did you know your birth chart holds a blueprint of your ideal partner?

Instead of wasting time chasing the wrong people, we can use our charts to see what we should be focusing on instead.

💓 Venus is the planet of values, desires, and attraction. Her sign represents the types of people you are attracted to. When Venus is happy, it feels like your partner aligns to your true values.

🔥 Mars is the planet of energy, excitement, and sexual passion. His sign represents the types of people who get you hot and bothered. When Mars is happy, it feels like your partner shares your same energy and passion.

Venus also represents the types of people who are attracted to YOU!
Mars also represents the types of people who feel passion for YOU!

This is the fun of astrology, because it’s all about energetic exchange — the energy you put out is the energy you get back from others.

That’s why we don’t need to chase or beg anymore. Instead, we can use our charts to see who is attracted to us naturally.

Read on for interpretations of your Venus & Mars signs!

Venus or Mars in...


Ideal partner is:

  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and action-oriented
  • Full of strong passions and shares them proudly
  • Quick, decisive, and fast-moving
  • Living in the here-and-now, doesn't hold grudges
  • A natural leader, takes charge and shows initiative
  • Direct, honest, to the point
  • Knows the right use of force
  • Interested in health and fitness  

Think: Leaders, entrepreneurs, risk-takers, daredevils, pioneers, trailblazers, athletes, coaches.



Ideal partner is:

  • Steady, loyal, and dependable
  • Hard-working, determined, and tenacious
  • Patient and takes time to make you feel comfortable
  • Proves their loyalty and trustworthiness
  • Cares about nature and sustainability
  • Treats you to luxuries and pleasures
  • Crafty and knows how to work with their hands
  • Worth investing your time & energy into  

Think: Creators, builders, craftsmen, artists, DIY people.



Ideal partner is:

  • Fun, exciting, stimulating, and interesting
  • Clever, witty, intellectual
  • A good communicator and story-teller
  • Always on the move, likes to be out and about
  • Surrounded by friends, has a strong social life
  • Flexible and doesn't adhere to strict plans
  • Good at keeping things fun & light-hearted
  • Feels like there's never a dull moment around them  

Think: Social butterflies, story tellers, intellectuals, thought leaders, entertainers, multiple partners at once.



Ideal partner is:

  • Gentle, loving, compassionate, and soft-hearted
  • Comfortable and familiar (Cancer likes to be around people they've known for a long time)
  • Cares about family and respects tradition
  • Makes you feel safe and protected
  • Makes you feel needed
  • Has a strong imagination & soulful intuition
  • Appreciates your care and emotional support  

Think: Nurturers, caretakers, healers, social workers, protectors, advocates, mystics, visionaries, creatives.



Ideal partner is:

  • Confident, bold, and charismatic (the fine line between confidence and arrogance!)
  • Creative, talented, and expressive
  • Knows how to shine and take the spotlight
  • Dignified, respectable, someone to be proud of
  • Full of passion and their energy is contagious
  • Always keeps you laughing
  • Makes you feel special, cherished, and adored  

Think: Performers, creators, influencers, entertainers, leaders, authority figures, trophy partners.



Ideal partner is:

  • Practical, grounded, and hard-working
  • Knows how to get things done & make things work
  • Notices and appreciates your hard work
  • Believes in simplicity, minimalism, and sustainability
  • Lives a pure life (health, diet, eco-footprint, etc)
  • Always selfless with their energy
  • Crafty and knows how to work with their hands
  • Helps you let go of perfectionism

Think: Service-oriented people, assistants, problem solvers, changemakers, experts, educators, researchers.



Ideal partner is:

  • Lovely, charming, sparkly, has that je ne sais quoi
  • Has finesse, delicacy, and good manners
  • Knows how to carry themselves in social settings
  • Tactful and considerate to everyone, regardless of who they are
  • Knows how to compromise and work fairly
  • Cares about style, aesthetics, and the arts
  • Cares about fairness, equality, and justice  

Think: Creatives, musicians, artists, muses, trend-setters, culture-creators, diplomats, politicians, activists.



Ideal partner is:

  • Sensitive, soulful, and intuitive
  • Mysterious, tantalizing, and even a bit dangerous (the “bad boy”)
  • A passionate and seductive lover
  • Drawn to the dark side of life
  • Not afraid to get deep & intimate
  • Knows how to make you feel safe & secure
  • Proves their loyalty and trustworthiness
  • Ambitious, resourceful, a boss in business  

Think: “Bad boys,” mystics, truth seekers, shadow workers, healers, entrepreneurs, moguls, investigators.



Ideal partner is:

  • Fun-loving, playful, adventurous, and jovial
  • Always down for new experiences
  • Knows how to make you laugh
  • Flexible and doesn't adhere to strict plans
  • Strong intellectual streak and enjoys deep convos
  • Helps you grow and develop as a person
  • Potentially foreign to your culture
  • Gives you space and freedom (but watch out for thinking the "grass is greener")  

Think: Adventurers, wanderers, philosophers, thought leaders, politicians, activists, spiritual thinkers. 



Ideal partner is:

  • Hard-working, dedicated, and disciplined
  • Takes care of themselves and knows how to boss up
  • Solid, serious, and reliable (no casual flings!)
  • Knows how to work hard and play hard
  • Classy, respectable, someone to be proud of
  • Older and more mature (in age or in emotions)
  • Worth investing your time and energy into
  • Has achieved self-mastery

Think: Entrepreneurs, bosses, moguls, leaders, CEO types.



Ideal partner is:

  • Unique, different, unconventional, and even strange
  • Shines in their individuality and doesn't conform to social norms
  • Has strong convictions in mind, beliefs, and ideals
  • Has radical and ground-breaking ideas that are way ahead of their time
  • Owns their truth and helps you do the same
  • Strong intellectual streak and loves a good debate  

Think: Activists, rebels, community leaders, inventors, trend-setters, mad scientists, New Age people, friends turned to lovers.



Ideal partner is:

  • Gentle, compassionate, soft-hearted, and selfless
  • Understands you effortlessly, even without words
  • Imaginative, poetic, musical, and artistic
  • Sweeps you off your feet with romance
  • Soulful and likes to transcend reality (through spirituality, drugs, extreme endeavors)
  • Needs help or kindness (but watch out for trying to "save" people)
  • Helps you maintain healthy emotional boundaries

Think: Creatives, musicians, performers, spiritual people, visionaries, caretakers, healers, "projects", victims


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