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Deep-Dive into the Houses

Did you know the houses are one of the most useful parts of your birth chart?

They can tell you about your love life, career, money, health, and so much more!

In this foundational course, I will teach you how to understand the houses like a true astrologer so you can unlock the full power of your chart. You'll walk away with practical & actionable insights on all areas of life.

You will learn...

  • How to understand the houses on a fundamental level so you can master them without memorizing lists
  • How to interpret your planets in the houses
  • An in-depth review of each house, with reflection questions to deepen learnings
  • ...and so much more!

This is especially great for budding astrologers who want to supercharge their knowledge (check out the bonus lesson on house astronomy).

What you'll get:

  • 2 hour master course
  • 1 hour of answers to frequently asked questions
  • 7 page worksheet to apply learnings to your chart
  • 32 pages of resources, guides, and cheatsheets, including the Business Guide to the Houses (see a preview)
  • Lifetime access in our private course portal
  • Bonus videos + more!

What People Are Saying:

This was seriously the best course on the houses Iโ€™ve ever been a part of! Breaking it down to the fundamentals makes it SO CLEAR. I feel like itโ€™s the key to my birth chart interpretations! Also, youโ€™re so articulate and make it seem so easy & digestible even though this topic can be completely overwhelming. Thank you!!

All I have to say is WOW ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ That was so so so good! I gained tremendous insight on the houses and how my placements play out. Everything made so much sense and was further confirmation for me on how I feel, my work in the world, why I am the way I am, and why Iโ€™ve experienced certain things in my life. LOVED this! ๐Ÿ’•

I just have to tell you, Iโ€™ve watched this class like three times now because it is seriously SO HELPFUL. Like the best education on the houses ever.

This was so good. I especially found the 12th House section helpful, because my Leo Sun is there! You had so many incredible insights on it that I've never heard before!